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Whole Man Ministries' leadership is founded upon the principles of the Word of GOD. Our Leadership was established to lead mankind to salvation by their confession of faith in the Son of GOD and confirm them by their profession of him as Lord. We have the understanding that we can do nothing of ourselves. Christ is working through us, as we continue to focus on the Kingdom of Heaven. Our functional and operational infrastructure is authorized by the unction of the Holy Spirit to manifest the ministry of reconciliation.  We believe that there is no compromise when it come to what the Word of GOD says. We serve by the priviledge and unction of the Holy Spirit. So we give the Spirit of Christ total reign and dominion in all the affairs of the Whole Man Ministries' responibilities in our community. Jesus is Lord and we follow him as he leads us giving an example for the world to follow.


Senior Pastor Barry S. Washington

Pastor Camilla F. Washington

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Pastoral Care
  • Demetrius Williams- Senior Administrative Assitant to Pastor Camilla
  • Elder Beverly Knight
  • Minister Pecolia Breathette- Christian Education
  • Minister Craig S. Williams- Minister of Music
  • Minister Dianne Lowery - Food Bank
  • Rev. Kenneth Holly- Director of Operations & Community Relations